Loans for Foreigners

From 3,000 to 30,000 Euro immediately

At last Employees of Private Companies can also benefit from
personal loans with Give up a Fifth of your Salary.
From 2005 the law has also changed the situation for foreign

In order to pay back the loan rate you can choose to pay up to
a fifth (20%) of your salary monthly.

Your employer will pay the rate for you, automatically deducting
it from your salary. For example: if you have a salary of 1,000,
you can have a maximum rate of 200 deducted from you.

We'll do all the paperwork for you, for free.

Give up a Fifth has the following decisive features:

  1. You can get significant sums of cash
  2. It allows you to easily spread your loan over up to ten years
  3. No additional guarantee is required (you don't have to tie up your house get someone to sign for you)
  4. it doesn't take information on your loan rating

Just think, you can borrow money even if you are being chased for it!


It's really thanks to the total security of this loan that Gruppomoney
can now offer the best conditions on the market. Gruppomoney finances
all employees of Public or Private Limited Companies of at least 20/25
employees. You have to have been fully employed for at least 12 months.

The self-employed cannot be financed.

You can phone us on the Number 02 55.700.146 or send us a form
to contact you
: remember that our estimates already include all costs.